Welcome to 3 Frogs Design!  Our designs are based on Feng Shui Interior Design,  with an  Asian influence.

What is Feng Shui Interior Design? While practicing traditional interior design we incorporate feng shui priciples to enhance the space.  Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy of “living in harmony with nature in tune with the heart.”  We believe our living environment affects our life.

Every space has an intrinsic energy that affects our well-being.  Feng Shui Interior Design is based on traditional design plus understanding this intrinsic energy, called chi-energy and how it affects a space.  Chi-energy is also commonly known in many other cultures as life energy or life force.   The Feng Shui we practice is called Form School Feng Shui, and I am a qualified consultant from Blue Mountain Feng Shui.

Form School is based on Form Defines Energy.  Good design begins with good forms.  And good forms provide good energy.

We have found that through combining the technical aspects of traditional design and the energy aspect of feng shui, we create spaces that function well and makes you feel good.

At 3 Frogs Design we say “We are what we live in.”

We want our clients to be happy and satisfied!  Working together in harmony with nature,  incorporating the best sustainable solutions to suit your desires and needs is our goal.  We look forward to helping you bring your special space to life with lots of good energy!





My name is Jenny Nakao Hones and I am a third generation Japanese American, born in Hawaii and raised in Tokyo.  Living in Asia for over 30 years, I have a strong love and sensibility for Asian culture and practice the Japanese art of ikebana, flower arrangement, and chado, tea ceremony.   I enjoy sharing my passion of Asian culture, feng shui, food and design on my blog, AsianLifestyleDesign.com

About 10 years ago, out of curiosity, I attended a lecture on feng shui by Master Shan-tung Hsu Ph.D.,   Little did I know that it was a turning point in my life.  Over the course of many years, I studied Form School Feng Shui taught by Dr. Hsu, and began to see interiors from a different perspective.  It brought a new dimension to my designs, because not only was I trying to make a space beautiful and functional, now I wanted to make the space reflect the people  and bring good energy to all.  This is Feng Shui Interior Design.

I have also collaborated with Dr. Hsu and co-authored an e-book called Feng Shui:  Truths, Myths & Misconceptions.  You can purchase it on MyBookOrders.com or on Amazon.

Master Hsu travels the world, lecturing on health, energy and feng shui.  This year, I joined him on his trip to Ukraine and met many of his international teachers and students.  More and more, people are understanding that our homes and living environments really do affect our well-being.  We are all intuitive and can improve our spaces.

In Asian philosophy, we believe your home is a reflection of who you are and how the world perceives you.  We also believe that all things in the universe has an intrinsic energy, that we call chi-energy.  At 3 Frogs Design, we follow the principles of this chi-energy,  as well as conventional interior design to bring you timeless design with holistic energy.

Also, as a mother of three, I understand the functions of a busy household and the importance of organization, simplicity, and practicality.  This does not mean we must compromise on design.  Our homes can be all this, as well as being aesthetically beautiful!  I look forward to helping you increase the chi in your life!

For those interested in learning more on Feng Shui, here is a video of Blue Mountain Feng Shui’s Program in Crimea, Ukraine.  Dr. Hsu talks about the energy of a space -enjoy!


3 Frogs Design – Feng Shui Interior Design

We would love to help you with all your design needs!

Our services include:

    1. Feng Shui Consultation

    2. Interior Design

        • Furniture placement – whole house or individual rooms
        • Furniture Purchase
        • Window Treatments
        • Flooring Selection
        • Custom Cabinets
        • Kitchen and Bath Design
        • Remodeling Design
        • Material Selection
        • Color/Paint Consultation
        • Staging
        • Moving-  furniture arrangement planning

Feng Shui Consultation

Do you feel the need to improve the energy of your home?  Feng shui consultation is a whole house assessment.  It includes finding the best placement of your furniture and accessories to increase the flow of chi-energy.  You will be amazed at how small changes can make a big difference!  Based on Natural Design and intrinsic energy, feng shui designed spaces feel very relaxing and comforting.    This consultation includes recommendations on the exterior of the home as well.  Fee is based on location and square footage.

Interior Design

1.  Furniture Placement :  Furniture and accessory placement following Interior Design and  Form School Feng Shui Principles – using existing furniture.  This includes:

  • Furniture Placement:  “Where do I put the sofa?” is a common dilemma.  Finding the right place for your furniture can be frustrating.  Asking simple questions can help you decide where to place your sofa.  What is the function of the room?  What will the sofa be used for?  How many people will use this sofa?  What is your lifestyle pattern?   Everyone’s needs are unique, therefore, we can place furniture for your individual needs.
  • Finding the right position is important to enhance and improve the flow of your space.  Better traffic flow also encourages better relationships between those using the space.  We make furniture placement recommendations for  every room in the house.
  • Accessory Placement:  Images and art all affect us too. Placing accessories in the right position will enhance your environment.
  • Color:  “What color should I paint this wall?”  There are so many color swatches in the paint shop its easy to be confused.   Did you know that colors that look good one location, may not work in another.  Lighting, reflection, and even objects next to it can affect it’s appearance too.  Is there natural or artificial light?  Is it a warm color or a cool color?  Do the wall colors match the furniture?  There are so many variables to consider.  Furthermore, we all relate to colors in a different way.  It’s no wonder many are confused!  We are here to help you find the right color for you spaces.
  • Recommendations:  If necessary, we make further suggestions to help improve the energy of the space for your individual environment and needs.

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2.  Furniture and Accessory Purchase:   

Can’t decide on what to buy?  We understand that choosing furniture and accessories can be very confusing.  We can help you select furniture and accessories to fit the size, style and design of your home.  We measure and draw the space to make sure it will all fit in a comfortable manner.

3.  Custom Cabinetry Design:   For Kitchen, Bathrooms, Living Room, Family Room, Office, Den, Garage, Media Room, Laundry Room and any other room you desire.

Customize your room with built-in cabinets and organize your life.  We can help design your custom cabinets .

Personalize your home.  Custom cabinetry helps organize and personalize the space.  Hide away all your small items and clear the clutter!

 3.  Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Remodeling

Remodeling is a process.  It takes time and patience and I will work with you through this process.  The first question you must ask yourself is, “What is the purpose of this space?”  That way you will begin to understand how you would like to the space to function and what materials would work best with your budget.  For any remodel we begin by drawing the existing space and see how it can be changed.

Where to begin?  If you want to remodel your home, begin by looking at magazines, books and on the internet of rooms that you like and resonate with you.  Ask yourself, “why do I like this? and What do I like about this?”  By building a portfolio of what you resonate with, you will slowly find your style.

  • Do you need a new kitchen design?  Do you need just cabinet replacements?   just want a reface? paint? We can help you with all those decisions.
  • We understand that looking at 2D drawings is hard to visualize.  Therefore, using computer generated designs, we draft your new designs in 3D so you can actually visualize your new space and be confident in your final design.
  • What type of counter top will match your budget? What about tile?  Knowing your budget, purpose and time line will promote a smooth process
  • We can help with:
    • Counter top selection and design
    • Paint selection
    • Hardware selection
    • Lighting selection

Here are a few tips to help you start your bathroom or kitchen remodel:

  • Gather Ideas and get inspired- magazines, websites, friends, showrooms
  • Measure the room.  Draw the floor plan.  Place the doors and windows.  Understand the space
  • Play around with what can fit in the space
  • Determine a realistic budget
  • Pick out appliances and fixtures.  Each manufacturer has their own specifications.  Make sure you read these carefully.

4.  Material Selection .

Do you want to update your kitchen or bathroom? Do you need help with tile selection, paint colors, choosing fixtures and putting the room together.   We can help you with choosing all the materials that matches your design aesthetics as well as keeping within your budget.  Fee depends on the scope of project.

5.  Color Consultation

Color on a small watch from the paint shop looks very different from color on the walls.  Why is that?  This often depends on lighting.  How much light is there?  Is it natural light or artificial light?  Are there other colors nearby that affect how you see that color?  What kind of accessories do you have in that space?  What is the undertone color of the paint?  We are here to help you!

6.  Staging – using existing furniture

We help not only realtors but homeowners who wish to stage their home, using their existing furniture.  When selling a home, you want to emphasize how new home owners can utilize each space.  Staging helps them visualize their new lifestyle in that home, which often leads to a sale.  Good home staging can highlight the qualities of the house.

7.  Moving?

Are you moving into a new home?  Don’t know the best place to put the T.V.?    We help home owners decide the placement of each piece of furniture and help ease the stress of moving!

Contact us.  We are here to help!


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