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Here at 3 Frogs Design, we transform your living space by marrying modern interior design with ancient feng shui principles.

We believe . . .

Home is where the heart is.

Feng Shui Interior Design for the Home

Your home is your haven.  It’s a place that reflects you and your life.

We all vision a beautiful home.  But today, we want more than just a beautiful place.  We want our spaces to be organized, function for our activities and more than ever, we want it to have good energy.  Your home should make you feel good and support your life.

Here at 3 Frogs Design, we do just that.  By incorporating conventional interior design and feng shui principles we design spaces that are designed for your individual lifestyle.  Whether you are a family of five, a couple or just on your own, all designs incorporate your personal needs in mind.  We are the opposite of “cookie cutter” design.

You may be asking, why feng shui?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese knowledge of how a space or environment affects us.  We believe that all things in a space has an energy.  And if everything is in the right place, things just flow smoothly.

For example, have you ever misplaced your car keys? By placing a console table next to the entrance we can organize items we need when we leave the house.  We can have a special drawer for those car keys.  Now, not only you, but everyone in the home will know where to find those pesky keys.  If everything is organized in places that make sense, we don’t waste time looking for them.  Good design SAVES TIME.  And today, more than ever, time is money.

Simple design solutions gives you more time for the things you enjoy. Yes, instead of your home overwhelming you, you could be cooking, entertaining, or watching a movie with your loved ones.  You could be hiking, skiing or knitting because you have gained time.   This is because everything is in the right place.  You are now more efficient and the space gives you energy.  At the same time, it’s aesthetically beautiful because it was created as a cohesive space.

Some questions I often hear.  What colors make me feel relaxed?  What floors work best for pets?  Where to put the sofa? How to organize children’s toys? What window treatments will work best for that particular bathroom?  If you ever asked any of these questions, we can help.

Feng Shui Interior Design for Offices and Business

 When a client enters your office, you want to make sure you are sending the right message.  As a business owner, you want the client to feel welcomed and comfortable.  At the same time, you want to be in control of the situation so you are able to explain your services in the best possible environment.  Using both conventional design principles and feng shui principles we create the best energy for your business environment.

3 Frogs Design would love to help you create a home, office or business that is full of life and energy that is not only aesthetically beautiful but supports your purpose.

Contact Jenny now at 425-444-3046 for a quick call to discuss you design needs or email jenny@threefrogsdesign.com






Hi, my name is Jenny Nakao Hones.  I am an interior designer and a certified feng shui consultant from Blue Mountain Institute. 
I have years of conventional interior design experience remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, living room and more.  I have also worked on multi-family, new construction, nursing homes and commercial design.
About ten years ago, I went to a lecture on feng shui given by Master Shan-tung Hsu It changed my whole approach to design.  Dr. Hsu teaches us how and why forms and environments can affect the way we feel, think and act.  It taught me how to balance the energy of a design with the physical world, creating a more holistic space.  Our living environments affect our body, mind, and spirit.
In feng shui, we believe that all things have an innate energy, that we call Chi.  Living things such as people, pets and plants have energy.  But also all non-living things have an energy too.  We just vibrate at a different level.  By understanding these energies, we are able to assess and design spaces that are conducive to more chi.
A little bit about my background.  I am a third generation Japanese American, born in Hawaii and raised in Tokyo.  Living in Asia for over 30 years, I have a strong love and sensibility for Asian culture and design.  I share this passion on my blog called AsianLifestyleDesign.com where you can find recipes, health and design tips and stories on Japanese culture.  Please do stop by!
I was a homemaker for many years before going back to school to study interior design.  Some of my friends used to joke to ask if I was the Japanese Martha Stewart.  As a family we loved to entertain and gather around the dinner table to share hot shabu shabu meals with friends and neighbors.
Being a mother of three gave me the ground work to understand how spaces work.  I made a lot of mistakes with every home I lived in.  We lived in a variety of climates too, from temperate to tropical and even in the desert.  But through real, everyday living, I slowly began to understand what made one room cozy, while the other feel cold.  Why light colors made a room expand and darker colors made the space feel smaller.  And so much more.
Now, as emptynesters, we are leading a more quite life in the country where my husband grows lettuce.   I have learned from Master Hsu, that as life goes through many transitions, our living spaces will naturally change too.  We are all seeking harmony in life.
Thanks for visiting my site.  I would love to help you find design solutions to make you life simpler, easier and less stressful.  And I would love to help you create beautiful spaces that make your life the best you can be.
Please feel free contact me for any questions at jenny@threefrogsdesign.com or call 425-444-3046.


3 Frogs Design – Feng Shui and Interior Design Consultation

We would love to help you with all your design needs!

Our services include:

Feng Shui Consultation for the Home – Whole house feng shui consultation.   

Do you ever feel stuck?  Do you misplace things often?  Could your house be more organized?  Do you feel the need to improve the energy of your home?  Do you want the space to flow with good energy?  Are you confused on where to place all the furniture in your home?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a whole house feng shui consultation. 

When is the right time for a feng shui consultation? 

Moving to a new home?  Looking to purchase a new home?  Need change?  This is also a great time for a feng shui consultation.

How does it work?

I first sit down and consult with you to find your concerns and what you want to get from the consultation.  We will discuss you and your life and what changes we can implement to reach your goals.  Next, we will go room to room to find the best placement of your furniture and accessories to increase the flow of chi-energy.  You will be amazed at how small changes can make a big difference!  Based on Natural Design and intrinsic energy, feng shui designed spaces feel very relaxing and comforting.    This consultation includes recommendations on the exterior of the home as well.  Fee is based on location and square footage.

Feng Shui Consultation for Business Location

Ever walk into an office and just think . . .  “Wow!”?  Location, lighting, placement of furniture can all affect the customer experience.  Even the location of your desk can affect your concentration and productivity.  If you feel like you don’t have control of your office space, this could be a good fit.

How does it work? 

First we discuss your business goals and address your concerns.  Feng shui for business assesses the location and the exterior influences.  Next, we assess the interior including placement of the furnishings, office locations, desk placement and more.  Based on Natural Design and intrinsic energy, feng shui for business is to enhance the relationship of the employees and clients.  This in turn will lead to the success of the business.

Feng Shui Consultation for Business Name 

In feng shui, a name, image, and symbol all carry meaning as well as energy.  We analyze the meaning of the name to represent your company goals to make sure you’re sending the right message to the right people.  Each company name also has a sound, a visual and psychological impact.  Finding the best name for your business is a process.  Together we will find the best name for your business.

Interior Design

Interior design includes a wide range of services.  Fees are based on an hourly basis or a flat fee depending on the project.

Furniture placement – whole house or individual rooms
                                            Organization and storage solutions
Furniture Purchase
Window Treatments
Flooring Selection
Custom Cabinets
Kitchen and Bath Design
Remodeling Design
Material Selection
Color/Paint Consultation
Moving-  furniture arrangement planning


1.  Furniture Placement :  

  • Furniture PlacementWhere do I put the sofa?” is a common dilemma.  Finding the right place for your furniture can be frustrating.  Asking simple questions can help you decide where to place your sofa.  What is the function of the room?  What will the sofa be used for?  How many people will use this sofa?  What is your lifestyle pattern?   Everyone’s needs are unique, therefore, we can place furniture for your individual needs.
  • Finding the right position is important to enhance and improve the flow of your space.  Better traffic flow also encourages better relationships between those using the space.  We make furniture placement recommendations for  every room in the house.
  • Accessory Placement:  Images and art all affect us too. Placing accessories in the right position will enhance your environment.
  • Color: What color should I paint this wall?”  There are so many color swatches in the paint shop its easy to be confused.   Did you know that colors that look good one location, may not work in another.  Lighting, reflection, and even objects next to it can affect it’s appearance too.  Is there natural or artificial light?  Is it a warm color or a cool color?  Do the wall colors match the furniture?  There are so many variables to consider.  Furthermore, we all relate to colors in a different way.  It’s no wonder many are confused!  We are here to help you find the right color for you spaces.
  • Recommendations:  If necessary, we make further suggestions to help improve the energy of the space for your individual environment and needs.

2.  Furniture and Accessory Purchase:   

Can’t decide on what to buy?  We understand that choosing furniture and accessories can be very confusing.  We can help you select furniture and accessories to fit the size, style and design of your home.  We measure and draw the space to make sure it will all fit in a comfortable manner.

3.  Custom Cabinetry Design:   For Kitchen, Bathrooms, Living Room, Family Room, Office, Den, Garage, Media Room, Laundry Room and any other room you desire.

Customize your room with built-in cabinets and organize your life.  We can help design your custom cabinets .

Personalize your home.  Custom cabinetry helps organize and personalize the space.  Hide away all your small items and clear the clutter!

 3.  Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Remodeling

Remodeling is a process.  It takes time and patience and I will work with you through this process.  The first question you must ask yourself is, “What is the purpose of this space?”  That way you will begin to understand how you would like to the space to function and what materials would work best with your budget.  For any remodel we begin by drawing the existing space and see how it can be changed.

Where to begin?  If you want to remodel your home, begin by looking at magazines, books and on the internet of rooms that you like and resonate with you.  Ask yourself, “why do I like this? and What do I like about this?”  By building a portfolio of what you resonate with, you will slowly find your style.

  • Do you need a new kitchen design?  Do you need just cabinet replacements?   just want a reface? paint? We can help you with all those decisions.

  • We understand that looking at 2D drawings is hard to visualize.  Therefore, using computer generated designs, we draft your new designs in 3D so you can actually visualize your new space and be confident in your final design.

  • What type of counter top will match your budget? What about tile?  Knowing your budget, purpose and time line will promote a smooth process

  • We can help with:

Counter top selection and design
Paint selection
Hardware selection
Lighting selection

4.  Material Selection .

Do you want to update your kitchen or bathroom? How about help with tile selection, paint colors, choosing fixtures and putting the room together.   We can help you with choosing all the materials that matches your design aesthetics as well as keeping within your budget.  Fee depends on the scope of project.

5.  Color Consultation

Color on a small watch from the paint shop looks very different from color on the walls.  Why is that?  This often depends on lighting.  How much light is there?  Is it natural light or artificial light?  Are there other colors nearby that affect how you see that color?  What kind of accessories do you have in that space?  What is the undertone color of the paint?  We are here to help you!

6.  Staging – using existing furniture

We help not only realtors but homeowners who wish to stage their home, using their existing furniture.  When selling a home, you want to emphasize how new home owners can utilize each space.  Staging helps them visualize their new lifestyle in that home, which often leads to a sale.  Good home staging can highlight the qualities of the house.

7.  Moving?

Are you moving into a new home?  Don’t know the best place to put the T.V.?    We help home owners decide the placement of each piece of furniture and help ease the stress of moving!

Contact us.  We are here to help!  Jenny@threefrogsdesign.com or call 425-444-3046


“Hired for interior renovation, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room, Etc. Very talented, experienced Designer. Very pleasant to work with, job done fast.”      Juichi Arima, Founder Arima Boats

“Jenny has helped design and facilitate upgrades to our employee break and lunchroom. She has been very knowledgeable, very helpful and a pleasure to work with throughout the process.”     Ron S.

“She was awesome.”     Shashi K.

“What a treasure to find such wonderful person as Jenny and cooperate with her.  Advice and hospitality at it is best !  Jenny shows what happens when she takes care about your matters, she is very professional and fantastic person to work with.   Jenny knowledge is  exceptional and she has helped us with her wonderful knowledge.   I value from Jenny  her readiness and quick response, and the variety of possibilities she is able to offer, obviously based on a long time experience.  We wish Jenny  keep the good work for many many years! “

Greta Zlatkute, Fashion Designer

“Jenny was a joy to work with! She was very responsive to our questions and accommodating to our schedule. We knew that something was a little off in our house, but were clueless as to how to change it. Jenny quickly picked up on the issue with our space, mainly to with office and our living room, places that we were really struggling with. She gave us lots of helpful tips that we are still implementing. We have lived in our transformed house for about three months and have definitely noticed improvement in the general feel of the house and well as better communication.”      Radka Chapin, LICSW


How to Feng Shui Your Living Room For More Energy… Even If You Have No Knack for Design… Feel Disorganized… and Have Kids or Dogs Who “Mess It Up Anyway…”

Believe It Or Not, You Don’t Need To Spend A Lot of Money To Make It Look and Feel Great!

If your living room makes you feel tired, drains your energy and doesn’t lift your spirits when you walk into the room then I might have something you may want to consider.
When designing a living room that feels good and looks good…
Most people think that it has to look like a hotel room or something out of a magazine. 
That’s not true at all.
The key to a living room that looks good, feels good and gives you more energy has to do with only one thing:
It has to “resonate” with your energy.
What does resonate with your energy mean?
Let me explain:
Everything on this planet has a vibrational frequency. Your table. Your mug. Your arms and legs. The garden outside. Your dog. Everything around has a vibrational frequency.
In feng shui, we call this vibrational frequency “chi” or energy.
When we have an affinity to that energy, we feel better because it gives us energy. 
For example, if you traveled to the Hawaiian beaches and took pictures of the sunset and you have those pictures on your wall, right in front of you…
Then you resonate with that image because you have fond memories of that experience.
When you resonate with something, it uplifts you. That’s why pictures (or art) of where you’ve traveled, photos of your family and drawings your kids did for you when they were 5 years old…
Gives you more energy and uplifts you more than any thousand dollar piece of art. 
Now is there a right and wrong way to set up your living room so it has more good “chi” and energy?
Of course. 
However, when you follow Form School Feng Shui principles, then it’s pretty much impossible to make a mistake. 
I’ve had clients say they can’t believe how much more time they are spending in their living room. They’re usually shocked because they never imagined that a few simple tweaks could change the entire energy of the room. 
Now usually I charge quite a lot for this. I work with many multi-million dollar home owners, commercial business owners and even some wealthy people who I have to sign NDAs for. 
On the low end, I charge $150/hr. And most projects go for tens of hours at the very least. 
But since I want to start building my online following, and I want to spread Form School Feng Shui to the world…
I want to do something special. 
I am going to hold a class to teach you how to feng shui your living room for more energy for a one-time payment of only $67.
Why am I charging so low?
Because I want you to get it. I want you to know the power of this. I want you to know how wonderful this skill set can be for you, and how much energy it can give you. 
Thanks to the Corona Virus most of us today are living in our homes 24/7. That’s why this is the perfect time to learn the skill to create a living room that gives you more energy. 
Imagine when your living room doesn’t drain your energy, but actually GIVES you energy. It’s absolutely wonderful!
In just a few short weeks, that could be a reality for you. 
Here’s how the class works:
Each week, we will gather together on a zoom call to go over:
1. Your initial floor plan
2. Your desired outcomes for the living room (for example, “I want to keep it clean or de-cluttered”)
3. And how to make the changes that will make you happy without overspending. (A lot of times you don’t have to spend anything, simply moving the furniture is enough. It just depends.)
Each week I will also be giving you “fun work”. 
The fun work will help you create the living room that resonates with your energy. It makes sure you get exactly what you want out of your living room even if you’re a complete beginner.
If you cannot make the live Zoom calls, don’t worry.
We will go over your floor plans and adjustments at the end of the live calls so you can watch the replay and still get all the value. You don’t have to join live to get what you need. 
And, if you have more questions, I will have a private Facebook group specific to this class. This means you can compare notes with other students and ask me directly what changes you can do that’s specific to you. 
The private FB group will also have the replays there as well for your convenience.
This is a 4 week course with 4 classes. The whole idea of this course is to make sure you get a result. If we need more than 4 classes for any reason, we will keep going. That’s my guarantee.
My whole goal here is to make sure you get your money’s worth no matter what!
This class will begin on April 6th, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. PST time in the US.  Please check the time difference in your country if you plan to show up live.
Enrollment will be open until April 3, 2021. Yes, doors will close on April 3rd, Saturday. The reason for this is I want those who are willing to commit to make the changes in their life.  If you can’t sign up for the deadline that means you’re not yet ready.  That’s okay.  
Will there be another class?  Probably.  But, not at this price for sure.  This special price of $67.00 is for this beta class only.  If you have any questions about this class, feel free to message me on Facebook.
When does it start? April 6th, 2021, Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.  It will last for 1.5 hour or longer depending on how many people sign up.
How many sessions are there?  There are four sessions:  April 6, 13, 20 and 27.  At 6:00 pm PST time.  Or longer if need be.  I want you all to succeed!
What if you can’t make that time?  You can still join to have access of the live videos and information in the private Facebook group.  You can watch and learn at your own convenience.  You can post questions in the group.
How much is the investment?  $67.00!  This is a one-time only beta class price.  Ready?  Click the Buy Now button below to sign up.

Design Blog

Our latest posts and rants

Family of Four, Feng Shui Kitchen Remodel Case Study

Being a business owner and a mom is no easy feat! Plus, having a husband who’s job requires him to be away for months at a time, means dad is not around to help. My client has a lot to juggle!

This family of four, with a boy aged 9 and a girl aged 7, has a very busy schedule. So, having a functional kitchen where they can get all their activities done together was very important to the design.

These are the before and after photos. I put together this video to explain this feng shui remodel kitchen case study. Hope you enjoy it!

If you want a feng shui kitchen, please contact me at jenny@threefrogsdesign.com.

Spruce Up Your Powder Room and Have Some Fun!

The powder room is  a little private space where you can have a little fun with design because guests spend only a short time in there.  Here are three different types of sinks to consider.

Giving New Life to Inherited Classic Chairs

“I inherited expensive chairs but they don’t match my house. What should I do?”

“My mom bought these chairs a long time ago. Back in the day, she paid quite a lot of money for them because they’re really good quality. But they’re old and the fabric is ripping. Also, it doesn’t match the rest of my house. I feel guilty if I get rid of them. What should I do?”

Cathy’s two chairs were classical French chairs. When I looked at the backside, I found it had beautiful woodwork. Overall, the chair was in great condition and it had wonderful soft curved lines. In my opinion, these chairs are timeless.

But, maybe because she grew up with them, she saw them as dated. I think the real reason was that the gray silk fabric was shredding and it made the chairs look tired. Silk is beautiful but its fibers break down easily when exposed to the sun. Over time, the tearing is inevitable.

I wanted Cathy to see beyond the current state of the chairs. It had wonderful bones. Yes, the fabric was ripped but, all it really needed was a makeover. I suggested to have them reupholstered in a modern performance fabric. Cathy liked that idea.

Performance fabrics are today’s technologically advanced fabrics. They are easy to clean, which I love. And they can withstand more wear and tear. If you want a white sofa, make sure it’s a performance fabric that’s washable. Cathy ended up choosing a fun coral print. To make sure the space looked cohesive, we took the time to find the perfect color that matched the rest of the room.

Then we took them to the upholsterer. They came out looking crisp and beautiful! It’s a classic look with a modern twist. She loves it. And so do I!

Cathy is happy that she was able to keep her Mom’s expensive chairs. They have sentimental value. Instead of hiding them in a corner, they now sit proudly in her living room. The transformed chairs have a new life that will give her family many more years of comfort and happiness!

Using Art to Personalize Your Space

“What kind of art should I put on my wall?” is a common question I get from clients.

Your home should be about YOU!  It’s your sanctuary where you feel protected, safe, comforted and relaxed.  So, the questions I like to ask is, “who are you? and where are you from?”

I have clients from all over the world including Japan, Korea, China, Australia, U.K., Bolivia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.  We all have a special place in our hearts of our home town.  When I ask them about their home town, many of them smile and have so many stories to share.  You know that it means a lot to them.  So why not have an image of that special place in your home.

I am of Japanese ancestry, grew up in Tokyo and met my husband there too.  So, Japan is very dear to me.  In our home, we have a map of Japan.  It’s a very old map and shows some of the old names of towns.  This is meaningful to our family and it makes me feel good.

Here are some questions to help inspire what kind of images represent you and your family:

  • where are you from?
  • country?
  • city?
  • village?
  • Is there a landmark?
  • Maybe you went to college across the country and that city has a lot of meaning to you?
  • Where do you resonate with?
  • Is there a vacation or trip that changed your life?



Ready to Remodel? Four Question to Help You Start the Process

There comes a time when a home needs an update.  Over time, we begin to notice that the kitchen cabinets are scratched and look tired or dated, the counter tops take a beating and have lost luster, the paint is chipped here and there and has faded and  the window seals have broken down and they are now foggy.  Or maybe your bathroom has seen better days.  The grout is getting moldy and the tile is cracked.  It can get irritating when you are looking at these things on a daily basis.  You’re so busy, but every time you see it, you mind says, “gosh, I have to fix this soon!”.  I understand.  And yes, it’s natural for a home to deteriorate.   We need to fix and replace many things.  When this time comes, a home owner must  make several decisions to move forward.  But sometimes, we’ve put it off for so long that our desire is to just do it as quickly as possible.  But before rushing off to find the first best offer, ask yourselves the following questions to move forward.

  1. How long are we going to live in this house?  If you are planning to live in the house for over 10 years, go ahead and make changes that you will enjoy and don’t worry about the next buyer.  By that time, trends will probably have changed.  If it’s less than 5 years, ask yourself if it’s worth changing.
  2. What is our budget?  When considering your budget, don’t forget to think about the value of your house and the neighborhood you live in.  You don’t want to overspend and put in expensive fixture that will make your house out of sync with the rest of the neighborhood.  On the other hand, if you are going to live in the house for the rest of your life, I say, “go ahead and do what you wish!” Yet, I do know people who have overspent on their kitchens and regretted it.  Think wisely.
  3. What is the purpose of the remodel?  This is not a commonly asked question, but it’s something I like people to think about.  Many times, we think we need or deserve something and justify the remodel to satisfy those desires.  Is the remodel to just update something that is broken, or is it to help improve they way you live and function in the space?  Does your family need particular needs?  Is the current space a poor use of space?  Write your answers down on paper and think about it.
  4. Who do I call?  A contractor, an architect or a designer?  First, you must ask yourself the above questions.  Then think about your needs.  Do you just want to replace things in the exact same position?  Or do you want a new design to suit your lifestyle and family?  Does the current space work for you?  Have you thought about knocking down walls and opening up the space?  Or do you just need a fresh facelift?
    1. A contractor, is someone who does the actual construction and has the knowledge of what walls can or can’t come down.  Their expertise is on how to build the space structurally.  However, they are not trained to design a space.  They follow a plan that has been designed and specified.  Many contractors do design spaces and I have seen many.  But, I find they are well built but do not function as well.  They also tend to have poor color combinations and designs.
    2. An architect is registered designer qualified to design a building.  Adding an extension  or second floor to your home or changing the roof line?  You need an architect.  Basically, if you are doing anything outside your existing home you will need their expertise.
    3. Interior designers are trained to understand the space within the building.  We understand how things functions, flow of floor plans and also consider their aesthetic value.  A well-designed and constructed space will function better creating a happier and healthier home.  Make sure your remodel is well-designed, not just well-built.

Design is a process.  It takes time to understand your needs and your space.  Often, when we decide on going forward for a remodel, we feel we need it “now“.  However, through my experience, rushing is not a good idea.  My suggestion is to take your time, think about it, let it stew.  Get as many ideas as you can from books, magazines, online photos and talk to people.  Give yourself time.  The more ideas you have the better decision you will make.  If you need advice or help, please call me.  I’m here to help!  Jenny@threefrogsdesign.com or call 425-444-3046.


The Power of Empty Spaces

Your home should be a place that restores your whole being:  your body, your mind and your heart.  But unfortunately, sometimes, it instead becomes a headache, a burden, and a stress trigger.  If that is the case, it’s time for change.

First thing to ask is, what is causing the stress and problems.  Many times it’s the mess.  We naturally tend to own too much stuff and live in a space too small for all this “stuff” to fit.  Yet, even when we move to a bigger home, somehow it gets filled just as easily.

Why is that?

Somewhere in our mind we believe that every space needs to be filled.  But in reality, we forget that actually, empty space allows for many things.

In feng shui, empty space is also a form of energy.

In a floor plan empty space creates flow, and allows energy to connect one space to another.  Empty space also allows our minds to wander and feeds our creativity.  It’s just like when you look up and see lots of sky, it’s freeing.  We feel we can truly open up.

So, start clearing your spaces.

First, walk around your home.  Check to see if all your passage ways are clear of clutter.  Are there any boxes or “stuff” that hinder the path?  Is a piece of furniture sticking out too far that you always have to walk around it?

Do you have clutter on the floor?  Another place where things seem to accumulate is on the floor.  If you leave things on the floor, the amount of walking space becomes limited.  Pick them off the floor and put them away in cabinets, shelves or storage.  Clear the paths so they are no obstacles. This will allow your energy to flow better too.

Next, work on your personal things that have accumulated over the years.  Start slowly.  If you plan to give things away to a particular friend, make sure they want it.  If not, donate it to a local charity, who can resell the items.  For things that are difficult to part with, take a photo for sentimental purposes, and be brave and move on.  In Asian philosophy, hanging on to unnecessary items can hinder growth.  Learning to let go can be liberating!

To begin the process, just try and empty a single corner of a room and see how you feel.  How did it make you feel?  Doesn’t it feel like you made progress?

Enjoy the feeling.  Enjoy the process. Once you know how good it feels, it becomes an incentive to work on the other spaces.

You can do it!

Bring in more space for new energy to enter your life!


Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2018!

In Japan, New Years is a time when everyone cleans house, re-organizes, and  gets rid of unused items to make space for new energy of the coming year!  Why not do the same in your home and start fresh for 2018?

Begin by purging all your unused items.  I know this is easier said than done.   If  you have difficulty parting with something special but just don’t have the space for it anymore, a good solution is to take a picture of it.  That way, you will always keep a part of it with you.  Now it’s just easier to let go.  Imagine that the item will find a home where it’s really needed and wanted.  You’ll feel good knowing it will be used.

From an energy perspective, all things carry energy.  Material objects occupies space as well as energy.  By clearing the clutter, you are opening up space for energy to flow.  This will resonate in your life and allow new opportunities to enter your life.

May 2018 bring lots of chi-energy to you and your loved ones.  I look forward to posting photos of projects to inspire what can be done to energize your home.  And please do visit my Asian blog, AsianLifestyleDesign.com for tips on interior design and feng shui!


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