Welcome to 3 Frogs Design!  Our designs are based on Feng Shui Interior Design,  with an  Asian influence.

What is Feng Shui Interior Design? While practicing traditional interior design we incorporate feng shui priciples to enhance the space.  Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy of “living in harmony with nature in tune with the heart.”  We believe our living environment affects our life.

Every space has an intrinsic energy that affects our well-being.  Feng Shui Interior Design is based on traditional design plus understanding this intrinsic energy, called chi-energy and how it affects a space.  Chi-energy is also commonly known in many other cultures as life energy or life force.   The Feng Shui we practice is called Form School Feng Shui, and I am a qualified consultant from Blue Mountain Feng Shui.

Form School is based on Form Defines Energy.  Good design begins with good forms.  And good forms provide good energy.

We have found that through combining the technical aspects of traditional design and the energy aspect of feng shui, we create spaces that function well and makes you feel good.

At 3 Frogs Design we say “We are what we live in.”

We want our clients to be happy and satisfied!  Working together in harmony with nature,  incorporating the best sustainable solutions to suit your desires and needs is our goal.  We look forward to helping you bring your special space to life with lots of good energy!