My name is Jenny Nakao Hones and I am a third generation Japanese American, born in Hawaii and raised in Tokyo.  Living in Asia for over 30 years, I have a strong love and sensibility for Asian culture and practice the Japanese art of ikebana, flower arrangement, and chado, tea ceremony.   I enjoy sharing my passion of Asian culture, feng shui, food and design on my blog, AsianLifestyleDesign.com

About 10 years ago, out of curiosity, I attended a lecture on feng shui by Master Shan-tung Hsu Ph.D.,   Little did I know that it was a turning point in my life.  Over the course of many years, I studied Form School Feng Shui taught by Dr. Hsu, and began to see interiors from a different perspective.  It brought a new dimension to my designs, because not only was I trying to make a space beautiful and functional, now I wanted to make the space reflect the people  and bring good energy to all.  This is Feng Shui Interior Design.

I have also collaborated with Dr. Hsu and co-authored an e-book called Feng Shui:  Truths, Myths & Misconceptions.  You can purchase it on MyBookOrders.com or on Amazon.

Master Hsu travels the world, lecturing on health, energy and feng shui.  This year, I joined him on his trip to Ukraine and met many of his international teachers and students.  More and more, people are understanding that our homes and living environments really do affect our well-being.  We are all intuitive and can improve our spaces.

In Asian philosophy, we believe your home is a reflection of who you are and how the world perceives you.  We also believe that all things in the universe has an intrinsic energy, that we call chi-energy.  At 3 Frogs Design, we follow the principles of this chi-energy,  as well as conventional interior design to bring you timeless design with holistic energy.

Also, as a mother of three, I understand the functions of a busy household and the importance of organization, simplicity, and practicality.  This does not mean we must compromise on design.  Our homes can be all this, as well as being aesthetically beautiful!  I look forward to helping you increase the chi in your life!

For those interested in learning more on Feng Shui, here is a video of Blue Mountain Feng Shui’s Program in Crimea, Ukraine.  Dr. Hsu talks about the energy of a space -enjoy!