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Welcome to 3 Frogs Design! 

Here at 3 Frogs Design, we transform your living space by marrying modern interior design with ancient feng shui principles.

We believe . . .

Home is where the heart is.

Feng Shui Interior Design for the Home

Your home is your haven.  It’s a place that reflects you and your life.

We all vision a beautiful home.  But today, we want more than just a beautiful place.  We want our spaces to be organized, function for our activities and more than ever, we want it to have good energy.  Your home should make you feel good and support your life.

Here at 3 Frogs Design, we do just that.  By incorporating conventional interior design and feng shui principles we design spaces that are designed for your individual lifestyle.  Whether you are a family of five, a couple or just on your own, all designs incorporate your personal needs in mind.  We are the opposite of “cookie cutter” design.

You may be asking, why feng shui?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese knowledge of how a space or environment affects us.  We believe that all things in a space has an energy.  And if everything is in the right place, things just flow smoothly.

For example, have you ever misplaced your car keys? By placing a console table next to the entrance we can organize items we need when we leave the house.  We can have a special drawer for those car keys.  Now, not only you, but everyone in the home will know where to find those pesky keys.  If everything is organized in places that make sense, we don’t waste time looking for them.  Good design SAVES TIME.  And today, more than ever, time is money.

Simple design solutions gives you more time for the things you enjoy. Yes, instead of your home overwhelming you, you could be cooking, entertaining, or watching a movie with your loved ones.  You could be hiking, skiing or knitting because you have gained time.   This is because everything is in the right place.  You are now more efficient and the space gives you energy.  At the same time, it’s aesthetically beautiful because it was created as a cohesive space.

Some questions I often hear.  What colors make me feel relaxed?  What floors work best for pets?  Where to put the sofa? How to organize children’s toys? What window treatments will work best for that particular bathroom?  If you ever asked any of these questions, we can help.

Feng Shui Interior Design for Offices and Business

 When a client enters your office, you want to make sure you are sending the right message.  As a business owner, you want the client to feel welcomed and comfortable.  At the same time, you want to be in control of the situation so you are able to explain your services in the best possible environment.  Using both conventional design principles and feng shui principles we create the best energy for your business environment.

3 Frogs Design would love to help you create a home, office or business that is full of life and energy that is not only aesthetically beautiful but supports your purpose.

Contact Jenny now at 425-444-3046 for a quick call to discuss you design needs or email jenny@threefrogsdesign.com