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Family of Four, Feng Shui Kitchen Remodel Case Study

Being a business owner and a mom is no easy feat! Plus, having a husband who’s job requires him to be away for months at a time, means dad is not around to help. My client has a lot to juggle!

This family of four, with a boy aged 9 and a girl aged 7, has a very busy schedule. So, having a functional kitchen where they can get all their activities done together was very important to the design.

These are the before and after photos. I put together this video to explain this feng shui remodel kitchen case study. Hope you enjoy it!

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Spruce Up Your Powder Room and Have Some Fun!

The powder room is  a little private space where you can have a little fun with design because guests spend only a short time in there.  Here are three different types of sinks to consider.

Giving New Life to Inherited Classic Chairs

“I inherited expensive chairs but they don’t match my house. What should I do?”

“My mom bought these chairs a long time ago. Back in the day, she paid quite a lot of money for them because they’re really good quality. But they’re old and the fabric is ripping. Also, it doesn’t match the rest of my house. I feel guilty if I get rid of them. What should I do?”

Cathy’s two chairs were classical French chairs. When I looked at the backside, I found it had beautiful woodwork. Overall, the chair was in great condition and it had wonderful soft curved lines. In my opinion, these chairs are timeless.

But, maybe because she grew up with them, she saw them as dated. I think the real reason was that the gray silk fabric was shredding and it made the chairs look tired. Silk is beautiful but its fibers break down easily when exposed to the sun. Over time, the tearing is inevitable.

I wanted Cathy to see beyond the current state of the chairs. It had wonderful bones. Yes, the fabric was ripped but, all it really needed was a makeover. I suggested to have them reupholstered in a modern performance fabric. Cathy liked that idea.

Performance fabrics are today’s technologically advanced fabrics. They are easy to clean, which I love. And they can withstand more wear and tear. If you want a white sofa, make sure it’s a performance fabric that’s washable. Cathy ended up choosing a fun coral print. To make sure the space looked cohesive, we took the time to find the perfect color that matched the rest of the room.

Then we took them to the upholsterer. They came out looking crisp and beautiful! It’s a classic look with a modern twist. She loves it. And so do I!

Cathy is happy that she was able to keep her Mom’s expensive chairs. They have sentimental value. Instead of hiding them in a corner, they now sit proudly in her living room. The transformed chairs have a new life that will give her family many more years of comfort and happiness!