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How to Feng Shui Your Living Room For More Energy… Even If You Have No Knack for Design… Feel Disorganized… and Have Kids or Dogs Who “Mess It Up Anyway…”

Believe It Or Not, You Don’t Need To Spend A Lot of Money To Make It Look and Feel Great!

If your living room makes you feel tired, drains your energy and doesn’t lift your spirits when you walk into the room then I might have something you may want to consider.
When designing a living room that feels good and looks good…
Most people think that it has to look like a hotel room or something out of a magazine. 
That’s not true at all.
The key to a living room that looks good, feels good and gives you more energy has to do with only one thing:
It has to “resonate” with your energy.
What does resonate with your energy mean?
Let me explain:
Everything on this planet has a vibrational frequency. Your table. Your mug. Your arms and legs. The garden outside. Your dog. Everything around has a vibrational frequency.
In feng shui, we call this vibrational frequency “chi” or energy.
When we have an affinity to that energy, we feel better because it gives us energy. 
For example, if you traveled to the Hawaiian beaches and took pictures of the sunset and you have those pictures on your wall, right in front of you…
Then you resonate with that image because you have fond memories of that experience.
When you resonate with something, it uplifts you. That’s why pictures (or art) of where you’ve traveled, photos of your family and drawings your kids did for you when they were 5 years old…
Gives you more energy and uplifts you more than any thousand dollar piece of art. 
Now is there a right and wrong way to set up your living room so it has more good “chi” and energy?
Of course. 
However, when you follow Form School Feng Shui principles, then it’s pretty much impossible to make a mistake. 
I’ve had clients say they can’t believe how much more time they are spending in their living room. They’re usually shocked because they never imagined that a few simple tweaks could change the entire energy of the room. 
Now usually I charge quite a lot for this. I work with many multi-million dollar home owners, commercial business owners and even some wealthy people who I have to sign NDAs for. 
On the low end, I charge $150/hr. And most projects go for tens of hours at the very least. 
But since I want to start building my online following, and I want to spread Form School Feng Shui to the world…
I want to do something special. 
I am going to hold a class to teach you how to feng shui your living room for more energy for a one-time payment of only $67.
Why am I charging so low?
Because I want you to get it. I want you to know the power of this. I want you to know how wonderful this skill set can be for you, and how much energy it can give you. 
Thanks to the Corona Virus most of us today are living in our homes 24/7. That’s why this is the perfect time to learn the skill to create a living room that gives you more energy. 
Imagine when your living room doesn’t drain your energy, but actually GIVES you energy. It’s absolutely wonderful!
In just a few short weeks, that could be a reality for you. 
Here’s how the class works:
Each week, we will gather together on a zoom call to go over:
1. Your initial floor plan
2. Your desired outcomes for the living room (for example, “I want to keep it clean or de-cluttered”)
3. And how to make the changes that will make you happy without overspending. (A lot of times you don’t have to spend anything, simply moving the furniture is enough. It just depends.)
Each week I will also be giving you “fun work”. 
The fun work will help you create the living room that resonates with your energy. It makes sure you get exactly what you want out of your living room even if you’re a complete beginner.
If you cannot make the live Zoom calls, don’t worry.
We will go over your floor plans and adjustments at the end of the live calls so you can watch the replay and still get all the value. You don’t have to join live to get what you need. 
And, if you have more questions, I will have a private Facebook group specific to this class. This means you can compare notes with other students and ask me directly what changes you can do that’s specific to you. 
The private FB group will also have the replays there as well for your convenience.
This is a 4 week course with 4 classes. The whole idea of this course is to make sure you get a result. If we need more than 4 classes for any reason, we will keep going. That’s my guarantee.
My whole goal here is to make sure you get your money’s worth no matter what!
This class will begin on April 6th, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. PST time in the US.  Please check the time difference in your country if you plan to show up live.
Enrollment will be open until April 3, 2021. Yes, doors will close on April 3rd, Saturday. The reason for this is I want those who are willing to commit to make the changes in their life.  If you can’t sign up for the deadline that means you’re not yet ready.  That’s okay.  
Will there be another class?  Probably.  But, not at this price for sure.  This special price of $67.00 is for this beta class only.  If you have any questions about this class, feel free to message me on Facebook.
When does it start? April 6th, 2021, Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.  It will last for 1.5 hour or longer depending on how many people sign up.
How many sessions are there?  There are four sessions:  April 6, 13, 20 and 27.  At 6:00 pm PST time.  Or longer if need be.  I want you all to succeed!
What if you can’t make that time?  You can still join to have access of the live videos and information in the private Facebook group.  You can watch and learn at your own convenience.  You can post questions in the group.
How much is the investment?  $67.00!  This is a one-time only beta class price.  Ready?  Click the Buy Now button below to sign up.