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If Feng Shui is 3,000 years old, How does it work for our lives today?

Three Frogs Designfeng shuiIf Feng Shui is 3,000 years old, How does it work for our lives today?



If Feng Shui is 3,000 years old, How does it work for our lives today?

When I heard that feng shui was 3,000 years old, I had to stop and think about it.  

Wait, the Declaration of Independence was less than 250 years ago.  3,000 years!  I had to let that sink in.  Life in ancient China at that time would obviously be totally different from our lifestyles of today. 

So, how does the Four Features Model, which identified a prosperous village, work today? Or does it even work in this day and age?  That was the question.

After years of studying with my master and mentor, Dr. Shantung Hsu, he explained to us how the Chinese see and interpret energy through forms and natural laws.  It slowly started to make sense.  

If we try to replace this old feng shui village model of identifying the “prosperous” spot or “energy” spot to our bedroom, does it give us more energy?  And if so, why?  

Dr. Hsu always reminds us to try it ourselves because when we implement these theories and actually feel the difference, we’ll know.  Yes, truth has power.

Feng Shui of a Bedroom

What is the main purpose of the bedroom?  Yes, it’s to sleep.  Today, most of us think, “we need sleep for good health and to replenish our energy.”  That’s true.  But, in Chinese medicine, they take it a step further saying, sleep is important because it’s time for your organs to rest.  I never really thought about the health of my organs.  I used to think of my body as a whole, as total health.  But, they believe that good health begins with the health of your organs.  

If you think about it, our bodies are like cars.  The main purpose of a car is to take us from point A to point B.  Imagine that you just had your car washed and polished.  It looks great.  But, looking good doesn’t get you to where you want to go.

It’s what’s under the hood that’s important.  The engine, the battery, the motor and all the all parts must be running smoothly for the car to run.

But what if you keep forgetting to have your oil changed?  What happens?  Your car breaks down and it won’t be able to run.  Hence, more than a clean and shiny car, the upkeep of your engine is the most important feature to ensure your car runs well.  Similarly, for our bodies, the upkeep of our organs is most important for our overall health.

Now, from a feng shui perspective, the main purpose of a bedroom is to ensure sound sleep for good health.  So feng shui teaches us where to place the bed for optimal sleeping and better health.  

The standard bedroom has four walls, a door, a window, and a closet.  (Please see Image)

Using the Four Features Model, we interpret a room with the four land features.  Can you find the best position for the bed?

Here is a sample of four bedrooms.  (Please see Image):

Now let’s use the Four Features Model and apply it to a room.

  • The Mountain is a solid wall
  • The Guardian Hills are walls with openings including doors or windows 
  • Water features are the main doors, openings, and windows. 
  • Flat Land or the Energy Spot is the center of the room


Just like the village, we want the bed positioned in the best possible way for energy.  That means we want the Mountain behind us, the Guardian Hills on both sides and Water in front where we can see it.  If the Energy spot is in the center of the room, this means that’s where we want the bed to be, in the center of the room.  Which bedroom matches these criteria?

Bedroom A, B, C, or D?

Bedroom B has the headboard against a window.  That’s not a solid wall Mountain.  But, you can see the door, which is Water, while sleeping in the bed.

Bedroom C is against a solid wall, the Mountain, which is great.  But, you can’t see the door when you’re in bed.

Bedroom D is not against a solid wall, as it’s at an angle. This means no Mountain. But, you can see the door.

Bedroom A has the headboard on a solid wall, Mountain.  And you can see the door when sleeping, which means the Water is in front.  It also has Guardian Hills on either side.  And the bed is placed in the center Energy spot. This means the bed position meets all the Four Features ideal configuration.

If you answered A, you are correct!  A is the best sleeping position for this bedroom.

Now let’s test the Four Features Model.  Does this position make sense?  And does this position promote the best place for sleeping?  

First, with a solid wall behind us, we have the comfort to know no one can attack us from behind.  Second,with a view of the door, we can see anyone who is entering the bedroom.  Being in this position means we feel safe and we’re in control of the room.  

While lying in bed, if you can easily see anyone coming into the room and you know no one can come from behind while you’re sleeping, you naturally relax..  Just like animals, knowing we are safe and protected from intruders allows us to sleep more soundly.

To me, the Four Features model makes total sense and works.  I’ve seen it over and over again.  It’s like once you know you have a good bed position, you just sleep better.  And this is true feng shui.

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