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Why Is Smooth Energy Flow Important

Why is energy flow important? Energy that flows smoothly in a house is nourishing energy while stagnating flow will reflect a lack of energy for those who reside in the house. Just as the water flows in a river, the chi-energy flow in a house is determined by the floorplan.



Feng Shui & Clutter Online Workshop on Apr 28, 2022

Do you suffer from clutter in your home?  In the U.S., they say one in four suffer from clutter!  That’s 25% of the population!  It’s not only an American problem, it’s a problem everywhere. Clutter can cause stress and tension in your life.  This workshop will help you understand why you suffer from clutter.  Once

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Fireplace Case Study

Where do I put the fireplace? This video is a case study I did for a client who wanted to add a fireplace to her living room. It shows the whole process from her initial idea to the final design.