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How to Find a Good Feng Shui House

Dear friends, I am excited to announce new book launch. My book How to Find a Good Feng Shui House is now realeased. Are you looking to buy or rent a house? Wonder how exactly to go about finding and choosing the house that will support you in your journey to being more energized, more

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Is Feng Shui Real?

“Is feng shui real?” “Is it fortune-telling?” These are common questions that I get asked when I tell them I’m a feng shui consultant.   With the internet expanding to all corners of the world, it’s no wonder that there are so many different theories.  I’ve come across feng shui astrology that forecasts the Chinese Zodiac,

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The Power of Empty Spaces

Your home should be a place that restores your whole being:  your body, your mind and your heart.  But unfortunately, sometimes, it instead becomes a headache, a burden, and a stress trigger.  If that is the case, it’s time for change. First thing to ask is, what is causing the stress and problems.  Many times

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