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Feng Shui & Clutter Online Workshop on Apr 28, 2022

Do you suffer from clutter in your home?  In the U.S., they say one in four suffer from clutter!  That’s 25% of the population!  It’s not only an American problem, it’s a problem everywhere. Clutter can cause stress and tension in your life.  This workshop will help you understand why you suffer from clutter.  Once

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Fireplace Case Study

Where do I put the fireplace? This video is a case study I did for a client who wanted to add a fireplace to her living room. It shows the whole process from her initial idea to the final design.



Can Organizing Your Bookshelf Change Your Energy?

Why does my bookshelf look so unorganized? What do you have on your bookshelf? Books? Ornaments? Photographs? Vases? A bookshelf is a great place where you can express who your are. Many people have photos of loved ones. But, most of all we have books! This is a quick way to show you how organizing

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Using Art to Personalize Your Space

“What kind of art should I put on my wall?” is a common question I get from clients. Your home should be about YOU!  It’s your sanctuary where you feel protected, safe, comforted and relaxed.  So, the questions I like to ask is, “who are you? and where are you from?” I have clients from

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The Power of Empty Spaces

Your home should be a place that restores your whole being:  your body, your mind and your heart.  But unfortunately, sometimes, it instead becomes a headache, a burden, and a stress trigger.  If that is the case, it’s time for change. First thing to ask is, what is causing the stress and problems.  Many times

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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2018! In Japan, New Years is a time when everyone cleans house, re-organizes, and  gets rid of unused items to make space for new energy of the coming year!  Why not do the same in your home and start fresh for 2018? Begin by purging all your

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