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Why Is Smooth Energy Flow Important

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Why Is Smooth Energy Flow Important

Why is energy flow important? Energy that flows smoothly in a house is nourishing energy while stagnating flow will reflect a lack of energy for those who reside in the house. Just as the water flows in a river, the chi-energy flow in a house is determined by the floorplan.

The floor plan is the map of a house that shows how the rooms and spaces are connected to each other. A floorplan design has hallways, passageways, and doors that connect the spaces and rooms so we can function in our daily lives. Chi flows through these connections.

When we assess chi flow, it’s not about the age of the building, not what it looks like. It’s really about the circulation and use of the space. The better connections and flow, the better the energy.

What determines good chi flow? In feng shui, when the flow of energy is smooth we say the house has a good floor plan. What do we mean by smooth energy flow?

Smooth Energy Flow

  1. Energy flows gently and easily through passageways
  2. Flow should not be too fast or too slow
  3. There should be a smooth transition between rooms
  4. Wayfinding should be instinctive.

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